Entry #1

Clock Day Soon...(and I tell other things)

2007-07-17 20:28:11 by AfroEnigma

Name: RyuEtano

http://www.clockcrew.cc/talk/member.ph p?u=3223

My Upcoming Projects:

Jack Thompson in Court: 80%

The Midget Brothers: Delayed

SBC Kills People: 30%

For the many people who don't know, I made a trailer in June/July 2006 saying that I
was working on a new series called "The Midget Brothers".

I was planning to work on it straight away, until I started working on this side project
where I make fun of Jack Thompson ("The Anti-Video Gaming Lawyer") whitch
kinda got in the way alot when I over did what it means to be a side project.
So now my Jack Thompson flash is on the top of my "To Do List".

But then I came up with this "How about If I just work on this to improve my
Flash skills (whitch it is) so when I'm done working on it, I'll go back to the
Midget series and give you the best piece of work you'll ever see!" (from me that is)

In other news, Clock Day is under a month away so I'm trying to use everyday I have
to make something for it.
So far It's doing good and it should hopefully be ready in time for the day.

And with all that said, I'll be off!


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