Portfolio Tumblr/Blog is Up!

2014-01-11 20:07:47 by AfroEnigma

Hellos there, so now with current Uni deadlines now over, I can now say with happys that my Portfolio Blog/Tumblr is officially up for lookings! http://afroenigmaportfolio.tumblr.com

This'll be the place where I'm hoping to keep whomever updated with whatever walks of life I make that I consider to be a certain standard of decent! If I havent uploaded something here, it's probably there, and if it's not there, it's either crap, not worth mentioning (yet?) or on my reblogging/blogging blog (what?).

So come have a follows if I've ever done or made anything that has become of interest! (or come have a look anyway maybe?)

P.S: By the time I post this, all my recent art and animations that I've yet to upload here should be up riiiiiight aboooout now.

That Thing I said I'd post in July

2013-08-15 18:34:33 by AfroEnigma

Hello people living in July. I have come from the far off year of August to write shtoof that I keep forgetting to post.

First off, yes 1st year of Uni is over and yes, I passed and have no need to do it all again (So many months of waiting D: ). Will I be posting what I've made there? Sketches and doodles most likely(probably), but not as much everything else as I've come to realize that what I've made is either shit or half assed. Life drawing I'm more than happy to post, but I've yet to get my USB back so September/October you be waiting.

Now with Uni things temporarily off my plate, what are my plans?:

1.My webcomic is getting closer than ever to being released. Scriptwork is steaming ahead and once I have a good idea on how it'll all be organized, actual pages can finally begin! I really like what I have going so far and can't wait to share what I've made! Details will come soon.

2.With the aid of Toon Boom, I'm currently working on a 2013 version logo which is beginning to look very promising. I might make this a yearly thing where I show how much my animation has improved and how much AfroEnigma has changed as a character. Thoughts?

3.With the decision made to work on my original webcomic series, the Pokemon Nuzlocke comic that I talked about making will be put on hold. At least until I find the time or a way to potentially work on both. Only time will tell.

4.I still wish to get some animations out there, so once I get things in order I'll be planning to work on much smaller projects as like with all noobish mistakes, planning big isn't always the best way to begin.

5.Referring to DeviantArt and Newgrounds especially, I have been neglecting to post my work there lately. So expect that to change as I'll be posting my previous work (the decent ones) shortly after some sleeps (unless I end up posting this after the sleeps in which you'll get it now most likely).

6.Heads up, I'll be soon making a new Tumblr blog specifically tailored to all my animationy/art related business so keep an eye out when it's ready (Maybe even a NSFW version as well, but my anatomy's crap so not just yet).

7.Assuming I have anything worth saying, I want to get in the habit of monthly blogs/journals (Both work and leisure) so expect more blogging if there's shtoof worth mentioning.

And that's about it I think. granted once the 2nd year comes along I can't guarantee everything will go as I say above, but with the comic especially, I'll be doing my best to make sure it stays afloat.

Til next time.


Been a while, but incase you've been wondering, I'm still making drawings and all the lark.
If your also wondering why I haven't been posting on DA lately is that I simply wish to show off some of my 1st Year Uni work first before I proceed with other stupidity I just so happened to doodle. I could do that right now in all truths, but I'd rather wait until I get all my results back which should be at around mid-July.
If you wish to know what I have been posting in the mean time, you can get all that on me Tumblr which I do appear to be posting nowadays (A quarter of it is probably comprised of reblogged animated breasts, but lets hush hush before the DA Police find another reason to ban the everyday user).

You can find the Tumblrs here: http://theafroenigma.tumblr.com/

And if your just after me works and general ramblings: http://theafroenigma.tumblr.com/tagged/AfroEnigm a

Oh, and I also update my Twitters here and there so go follows if if you wish to be informed first hand of things I may say and release (Just beware of the E3 spam): https://twitter.com/AfroEnigma

I'll provide my current plans when I upload next on DA.

Newgrounds Extra: It's just occurred to me that apparently you can submit gifs on the Art Portal so expect some of that to come very soon :D

David's W33D (11th Update)

2012-10-16 17:00:58 by AfroEnigma

MonocleWizard Progress 11:


DA Link>>>>>> http://afroenigma.deviantart.com/art/David-s-W33 D-332742949?ga_submit=10%3A1350420975 NG Link>>>>> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/604553

Wait, wasn't there ment to be a bigger project I was supposed to do til I got side tracked with this?...........FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF----


Update 16/10/2012:
Monocle Wizard Progress: 407/8060-Frames=No Frames This Week (Note: Maximum frames can change depending on minor changes)
What's Been Done This Week (Side Project): As you can see written above you, David's W33D (side project) is finally complete! Took me longer than expected to finish, but with that out of the way for all to enjoy (Really, go watch), I can finally get back on track to what this whole weekly update was all about in the first place!

Plus, now that I got more time to consider what I'll be doing on the side (and believe me, I won't be going over my limits this time...For a long time I hope), I've been considering starting two (or three) things that I wanted to do for quite some time:

Either A: Starting the Midget Bros (might change the name) webcomic. An original series that I've been playing around with since my early days of drawing.

B: Starting a Pokemon Nuzlocke(Google it) series. A comic based on the rules of Nuzlocke which I not only would love to do ( http://theafroenigma.tumblr.com/post/33029618497 /a-pokemon-nuzlocke-comic-that-i-probably-wont ) , but feel it would help give me practice to improve my skills and stay consistent with updates in the future.

Or C: Go back to drawing random shtoof and practising my anatomy.

I'm still thinking this over and it could go either way, but if your interested, perhaps you might want to help persuade my decision? Doubt there'd be many who'd feel like putting in their thoughts, but if you have a thought, by all means let me know.

And with that, I'll be back to working on Monocle Wizard again.

P.S: YouTube version will be delayed til I get my hands on another Sony Vegas.

11th Week Of Progress: http://theafroenigma.tumblr.com/post/33726555593 /monoclewizard-progress-11

The Art Portal....

2009-06-18 18:44:23 by AfroEnigma

Go check my shtoof if you just so happen to have clicked my userpage!


2008-04-22 16:30:38 by AfroEnigma

Nothing much, just posting something new.
But I don't have anything to talk about really so I'll fetch up a random video.

/* */
lol poop!

Made by this dude btw.
http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperNinbe ndo

YAYS!! A Clockmas Flash!

2007-12-25 14:24:30 by AfroEnigma

YAYS!! I actually managed to make a Flash in time for Xmas!!
Be sure to give it some love people.

Anyway now, since I haven't posted here for a while now, let me tell you what's up.
Well for starts, you remember that Jack Thompson Flash I said I was making?
(doubt you have since I'm not popular enough)
Whether you remember or not, that Flash ha now been scrapped until further notice.
Why? Well because over this past year, my skills as a animator have grown quite alot
and I just don't think it would be wise to submit something that looks like something I made
back in 2006.
But don't worry, I do intend on finishing that project, just in the far future.

But anyway, with that out of the way, I am finally able to begin work on my Midget Bros series!
Right now I'm underway in making the script and I can guarantee you that whens it's done, it will feature pure lols, great shtoof, and solid animation! (I hope)

Thank you if you actually took notice of this and good luck!

Clock Day Soon...(and I tell other things)

2007-07-17 20:28:11 by AfroEnigma

Name: RyuEtano

http://www.clockcrew.cc/talk/member.ph p?u=3223

My Upcoming Projects:

Jack Thompson in Court: 80%

The Midget Brothers: Delayed

SBC Kills People: 30%

For the many people who don't know, I made a trailer in June/July 2006 saying that I
was working on a new series called "The Midget Brothers".

I was planning to work on it straight away, until I started working on this side project
where I make fun of Jack Thompson ("The Anti-Video Gaming Lawyer") whitch
kinda got in the way alot when I over did what it means to be a side project.
So now my Jack Thompson flash is on the top of my "To Do List".

But then I came up with this "How about If I just work on this to improve my
Flash skills (whitch it is) so when I'm done working on it, I'll go back to the
Midget series and give you the best piece of work you'll ever see!" (from me that is)

In other news, Clock Day is under a month away so I'm trying to use everyday I have
to make something for it.
So far It's doing good and it should hopefully be ready in time for the day.

And with all that said, I'll be off!